Joe Albillar's Photo Gallery
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the Old Man on South Mountain

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01_Pipeline-Construction 02_Pipeline-Overview 03_Scaffold-ladders 04_the-Crew 05_Double-Vision
Pipeline Construction     Pipeline Overview         the Only Way...       the Crew       Double Vision
06_Tim-Small-Pipe 07_Jammin-Joe 08_Scott-Backside 09_Negrelli 10_Joe-Fakie
Tim Simons - Small Pipe       Jammin' Joe         Scott Anthony         John Negrelli         Joe - Fakie in the SM Pipe        
11_SP-High-Roller 12_Joe-Rockin'-High-Roller 13_John-P.-34-Pipe 14_Joe-Click-Out 15_Joe-Click-Out-II
Ping - High-Roller Joe A. - Rockin' High Roller    John-P.- 3/4 Pipe         Joe A. - Click-Out       Joe A. - Click-Out-II