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The Beeline Pipes (aka: Granite Reef Project) were on an Indian Reservation East of Scottsdale AZ adjacent to Beeline Dragway. The project was built about 1978 as part of the Central Arizona Project to tunnel water from the canals under the Salt River. There were alot of sections, and one really steep downhill built near the Granite Reef dam.

  These pipes were covered pretty well in “Skateboard World” magazine, who brought many pro skateboarders out there from California for photo shoots. My good friend Mike Slater even got a photo of him skateboarding published in an issue of Skateboard World at the Beeline Pipes.

 The security out there was pretty harsh, because it was partly on the reservation, and there was only one way in. I have heard horror stories of huge fines and busts from the Beeline days, thus I did not skate out there much, even though it was fairly close (there was easier prey in town). I do not have very many photos of this project, as it was before I could afford a good camera.

AZ Players: Slater, Cameron, Shelton, Mike Bergone, Howard & Morgan, Shelton, Larry Mead, Doug Edwards, the Ping bro’s and many others…

Film: I have only 1 roll of Black and White film of the Beeline pipes, and some Super 8 video (Thanks Doug!)

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