Skateboarding Archive of Steve Pingleton

Centennial Daze

 The Centennial project was full of adventure, swimming, camping, and lots of skateboarding! One particular story I remember was one session when we ran into a security guard named Jesse. He was SO cool, he said if the sheriff showed up, tell him that we were his cousins from California. Then he showed us where the downhill was, but it was getting dark. We found a big machine inside the downhill towards the bottom, and after exploring it one of my friends found the light switch, and we turned on the floodlights so we could skate after it got dark. Jesse came back after awhile, and we expected him to be mad at us, but instead he invited us back to his trailer to drink some beers!?! Wow, I guess not all security guards are bad guys, thanks Jesse…

These are just a few stories I remember from skateboarding the Desert Pipes back in the day, if you have any stories to contribute, email me and I will try to post them here… THANKS!

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