Skateboarding Archive of Steve Pingleton


The Centennial Project was built on the Central Arizona Project canal approx. 70 miles West of Phoenix on I-10 headed towards L.A. on the Centennial wash. It was the furthest project from Phoenix, about halfway to California, but it was right on the freeway, so we had easy access (no long dirt roads). It was a regular stop on our frequent trips to LA to skate the first generation of skateparks out there we saw in all the magazines.

 It was also the last CAP project (1979) with pipes built by Ameron. We skated Centennial a lot, we even camped inside the pipeline once (sleeping bags slide downhill!). The canals out there had water in them, so we could skate and then go swimming too! Security was weak to non existent, probably because it was so remote. We were able to drive right into the factory once and skate the new sections, no problem. It was all good out there at Centennial!

AZ Players: Larry Mead, Little Larry, Doug Edwards, & the Ping bro’s, and many others I cannot remember…

Film: I have about 10 rolls of film from the Centennial Project, many of my best pipe photos were shot there

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