Skateboarding Archive of Steve Pingleton


The Florence Pipes were about 70 miles South of Phoenix near the town of Florence, AZ on the Gila river. These pipes were built around 1984, and were not built by Ameron. There were no sections made, I believe the pipeline was cast in place. The pipeline was built under the Gila river, and it was difficult to find because it was about 10 miles in on dirt roads. Security was very tough, with only one way in due to the river. I did not get to skate Florence much, it was a closely guarded secret, and once word got out too many people ruined the scene. I remember driving for an hour and a half to skate there, only to be kicked out by security as soon as we got there.

 My friend Slater’s truck broke down out there, he hitched it into town (even though we were close to the prison), left us there to skate all day, got the part and barely made it back to fix the truck by dark. Great downhill with flatwall, lots of fun while it lasted…

AZ Players: JFA crew (Brian, Michael, Bam & Don), Slater, Shelton, Larry Mead, Tim Simons, Scott Papa, Mike Lanning, the Ping bro’s and a select few others

Film: I have about 3-4 rolls of film of the Florence pipeline

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