Skateboarding Archive of Steve Pingleton


The Hassayampa Project was approx. 50 miles West of Phoenix, AZ behind the White Tank Mountains, about another 20 miles in on dirt roads from any highway. It was built around 1978, to cross the Hassayampa river, and was pretty remote. Security was weak at first, but when word got out and everyone started skating there, security got tougher fast.
  There were 2 different pipelines I remember skating, one scary downhill in the riverbed, and a sweet one near the factory. The downhill pipelines were a total rush, so fast you had to often hold back your pump to control your speed to avoid going too high and having to bail and freefall 16 ft. or so up in the air. I still have a dent on my hip from a high frontside fall I took in that downhill. Lots of pro’s from California rode these pipes, I made alot of friends and saw some epic sessions out there. We had to be quite creative to outwit the security guards out there (see the Stories page!)

AZ Players: Shelton, Larry Mead, Kenny, Bates,Wally & MaryAnn, the Ping bro’s and many others I cannot remember…

Film: I have about 5-6 rolls of film from the Hassayampa project, here’s just a few …

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