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High Roller Skatepark was built in North Phoenix (Sunnyslope) Arizona it opened in late May 1978, and it closed about 1981 due to insurance reasons. High Roller was an amazing skatepark, it had 2 full pipes (16′ ft. & 20′ ft.), the big pipe also had flatwall, so you could “click out” of the pipe onto the flats. The “small” pipe had an 8′ ft. downhill half pipe into 3/4 pipe leading into the 16′ ft pipe. It also had a huge downhill snake run with 10′-12′ ft. bowls, and a small snake run. Plus two bowls, a small clover bowl, and a big banked freestyle area. I spent many days (and nights) there growing up. High Roller also hosted a pro contest in 1980 with all of the top pro skateboarders from California. After it closed we used to jump the fence and skate at night under the street lights, often with huge kegger parties up on North Mountain. Good Times …

Players: So many of the O.G. Arizona skateboarding pioneers, both East Side & West Side Phoenix locals all ripping it up together. My N. Phx. crew was mostly Joe Albillar, Larry Mead, Shelton, Jimi Howard & Morgan, Doug, Cameron, Slater & Brother John. Also shredding High Roller were Don Ho, Todd Joseph, Crazy Kenny, Dave Bedore, Steve Ford & the Litchfield crew, early J.F.A. guyz, & lots more that I have forgotten, but much respect to everyone who skated there with us …

Film: I only have about 2-3 rolls of film from High Roller.

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