Skateboarding Archive of Steve Pingleton

Lake Pleasant Daze

  Back in the day, my best friend Larry, my brother John and I were sessioning the downhill at Lake Pleasant. Out of the darkness walks T.A., Shogo Kubo, and a few other pro skaters. They told us Shogo had just lost his board in the darkness when he hit a crack (between pipe sections) as they skated through the pipeline towards our end. The cracks were usually 2-3 inches wide (the rule was to hit the cracks on the walls when you were weightless, or pay the price), and I had seen Larry rip the core out of a urathene wheel recently leaving only bearings on the axle. The board was a brand new fiberglass Z-Flex model, GOLD for us back then as we were riding very primitive equipment in those days.
We pulled a safety meeting with T.A., skated alot, and much later he took a hard slam riding the downhill, so hard he lost his pads. We were all stoked, what a super cool session, and Larry went home that day with Alva’s old school basketball knee pads. We never did find that damn board, it’s probably still down there somewhere…

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