Skateboarding Archive of Steve Pingleton

LoVe BoWLs

The Love Bowls were Epic, Two giant bowls that were seamless movie backdrops, they even left the power on for awhile, so by pushing a button it would rotate to catch the sun just right. It was a rush skating them while it was moving! Way out in the Cave Creek desert, we skated them for almost a year before it got too popular and finally became a huge bust.

Before cell phones, you had to network with other skaters to find the skate spots. West Coast Connection (W.C.C) was a skate shop in Paradise valley from 1984-1989 run by Chuck Pressler, where many of bought gear & hung out. I was lucky to be part of the Phoenix pool network back then, and when the PV locals (Paul & John Negrelli) found the Love Bowls we had many rad sessions out there.

AZ Players: Mostly the P.V. Crew (Chuck Pressler, Paul Stapleton, Negrelli, Shane, Tapia, Jeff, Dean, Bart, Matt, Tanner, Steve Adleman,etc.), and my friends Joe Albillar, Scott Anthony, Mark Paz, Jabe, John P., Brian Brannon, and more …

Film: I have about 2-3 rolls of slide film from the Love Bowls.

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