Skateboarding Archive of Steve Pingleton


I was lucky to have skated the first generation of skateparks in the late seventies and early eighties. Living in Phoenix, we had High Roller, Skate in the Shade, and Permanent Wave. We would also drive 8+ hrs across the desert to California to ride Upland, Del Mar, Colton, Reseda, Lakewood, Marina, Pomona Pipe & Pool, and many others …

I moved o Seattle 25+ years ago, and truly I love all the amazing skateparks in the Pacific Northwest. Much Thanks to Grindline and Dreamland, we have so many RAD skateparks to choose from. My favorite NW skateparks are Lincoln City, Orcas Island, Pier Park (Portland), Lower Woodland, Kent 360, West Linn, Spokane, Vashon Island, and Jefferson. I visit Phoenix during the holidays, and my favorite new Arizona skateparks are Santa Rita (Tucson), Prescott, Goodyear, MMR & Peoria (+ some local pools). The big downhill pipe at Lake Cunningham in San Jose, CA is one of my favorites too, & Colorado & Montana have many amazing parks. So many adventures skating the epic new generation of skateparks, here’s some epic old photos, Enjoy…

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